My name is David "Michael" Rodgers originally from Austin Tx, now living in Los Angeles with my wife and daughter. I've been in the film industry since graduating from Sam Houston State University in 2014 with a BA in Film Production. 
Before consistently getting hired for cinematography, I worked as a gaffer on music videos, commercials and narrative work in Austin. I've always had an interest in lighting above all other disciplines in film so gaffing was a natural path for me. Over the years I've shot hundreds of projects, many of them without much crew, having to light and focus my own shots. Because of this, I have a decently deep grasp on the technical aspects of film production, though nowadays I spend most of my efforts creating feelings/moods/vibes and using my technical understanding as a foundation to articulate the look and feel for the project or scene.
Los Angeles is home to some of the most talented directors and enjoyable crew mates I've had the privilege of working with. Regardless of location, I'm looking forward to meeting new directors and production people regardless of where you are located.


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